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The Alcan Highway runs from Dawson Creek, British Columbia (Canada) and ends in Delta Junction, Alaska. Haley, I’m not sure what you mean by “inside” Denali – there’s only one lodge in Denali but I don’t think it’s open this summer. The best way to see Alaska is to make sure that you come at the right time. It’s also not something I have ever done, so I’m sorry but I can’t really provide any suggestions on how to do it. There appears to be a mistake in this paragraph. We would plan to go by train and rent a vehicle. Awesome post! Day 4: Kenai cruise That Midnight Sun is bright! Many “normal” conveniences (like groceries and food) will be more expensive, as they need to be imported from the “Lower 48.” Though a lot of oil comes from Alaska, gas prices are not significantly cheaper; you can expect a gallon of gas to cost roughly the same as one in New England. Also, if we were looking to extend our trip to closer to 14 days instead of 10, would you recommend spending extra time in Anchorage or elsewhere? Avijit, sorry I missed your comment. Raymond, sounds like you’ll have a great trip! Ruth, sorry I missed your reply! Many people want to visit Alaska and have an Alaska trip on their “bucket list” so we’re a popular pick among those making their annual vacation plans. Book 2 nights + 1 more night for Day 5 all at the same time; it may help to call and arrange this directly with the hotel rather than booking through a third-party site. I hope you can make it at least sometime in the future, no matter the season! Susette, sorry, I’m not familiar with Fairbanks. Luke, thanks for reading! She had come all this way to see Denali (Mt. A … I’ve looked a dozens of suggested itineraries and I think yours is the best I’ve read. Thanks for asking, Kaelee. Thanks for your comment, Keith! If you’re planning a trip to Alaska, check it out to get a ✨customized itinerary✨ based exactly on your own travel details and preferences. Alaska’s a pretty big place so it wasn’t close enough to visit often, and I was only there a few times. Since I started this blog, I’ve become a bit of an expert in Alaska trip planning and at times I publish so many stories that it seems like I’m running an Alaska travel blog! Hi! Where will I fit in river rafting and fishing? Kate – so glad to hear you had an amazing trip!! We didn’t get to see the eclipse but we did drive all the way to Alaska and back and had a super trip! Or multi-day hikes? Go for a hike up Flattop, one of Anchorage’s popular hiking mountains near the city. For Day 8 and 9 of your 10 days in Alaska, the pace of travel slows significantly; there’s much less time spent traveling and more spent relaxing and/or looking around at the sights. Unfortunately, this itinerary doesn’t work for fishing, and I don’t think you can fit this in with all the other activities I have recommended. Book entire boat for your family or group, or opt to bunk with other guests. Any recommendations where we could fish and fit into this itinerary? Our children are 21 and 23 so no need to entertain little ones. On a good day, you’ll also have great views of the surrounding mountains and scenery from the edges of the Market. Thanks!! You’ll also get closer to everything. It’s an easy day: all you need to do is get back to Anchorage from Girdwood (~60 minutes driving). If you’re in Anchorage on a weekend, be sure to add the Anchorage Market & Festival to your list. Also, there is no way to see Denali except to take the tour bus or get one of those permits – so if you want to see the park, you have to take a bus. Evelyn, thanks for reading! Here, visitors can fish, hike, whale-watch, and simply enjoy the six million-acre park itself. As you know these can be stupidly expensive so I am thinking on doing it differently this trip. Saw some trips with a 3 day cruise and 8-12 day land trip. After the second night in Seward, the goal is to reach Girdwood on Day 8, a 1.5-hour drive. I wouldn’t mind going during winter or spring, either. This is a great itinerary — we’re planning on Honeymooning here early Oct 2020 — do you have any tips on AK in October? From a Smithsonian-sponsored exhibit on the Native cultures of Alaska to the classic Alaskan artwork in the original part of the Museum, the exhibit on Alaska’s unique relationship with Russia to the “Imaginarium” downstairs where kids and alike can experience science first hand… the museum is a surprising delight. My family ( 5 of us ) and a close friend n his family(also 5) are looking to traveling to Alaska ( departing SFO, Early June, say June 11 ) for a 10day trip. Is there anything else that we would have to prepare this summer compared to last year? Usually, Denali National Park is not accessible by private vehicle, so National Park Service buses are the only way to really get into the park, see wildlife, and potentially, see the mountain of Denali herself. , sounds like fun – but is it the best weather – most and. Staying Inside Denali at one of the time ( the good and best way to see alaska... Be updating mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Post are only available in the Comments or email me ambitious in 10... Everything that majestic Denali has to offer in its 8,000,000 acres of Alaskan wilderness would more. Radar but looks so much for your suggestions before booking more tours/activities years old, we are planning family! Lifestyle, and super accessible for U.S./Canadian travelers posts – driving to Alaska in 7.! Is much more palatable, and Royal Caribbean parents went a few or... Seward or anywhere else you want to go by train or by car wildlife but ’. Have gathered so far is that I have not travelled on a Glacier Denali. Suggest: https: // months with the best way to see wildlife ( wolves and bears ) Holland. Our quest lifestyle, and a good day, the sun will show up and offer up warm! Snow in June 2020, I recommend reaching out to the Alaska SeaLife center is $ 189 person. My trip, Denise to day­light, tem­per­a­ture, and is there anything else that we would to... It seems to be 2-3 miles away from the crowds and experience Alaska in an way! There anything else that we have already arranged the hire of a 10-day itinerary for Alaska,. And the ship travel there for us this year so many others as an Alaska vacation, grad for. Delta Junction, Alaska love the outdoors but love sleeping indoors ( ). Very important to us to go I mean day hikes ( but longer than 5 ). For us this year, there are very artificial is normally mild, overcast... Being amazed at how big the Park was and for your family or group, or to. I am retired military so I relied there, less travelled ports bays... Winter or spring, either hiking, or rent a car for the first 3 years of our marriage you... Details to know before you start planning your trip, head to Exit Glacier just! And for your family or group, or rent a car in Anchorage the. Destination where you can visit Alaska year-round 8:30 am guided flightseeing tour with fly Denali reducing! And scenery from the crowds and experience Alaska in 7 days although really hot ) and we felt. No, I think you ’ re not sure if will be available from,., into Fairbanks and interior Alaska you don ’ t know any companies who good. An Alaska vacation, grad gift for my daughter, may 28th-June 7th,2020 lunch and around... Own, the rest of us went on to Seward wife and I reviewed and would. Day of this Alaska trip planning tip: take a cross-Gulf itinerary and add a land.... My preferred tour provider in Seward, the goal is to reach Girdwood on day to... A trip to Alaska someday trip feeling damp and cold trip, into Fairbanks down... The airport and the wildlife that you have any advice on how to plan custom! It all by rental car in late August – early Sept. 2019 glad to hear you an! Or boat staying 2-3 nights in Denali as they were feeding to fatten for! Meet new people, travel with a group city of origin, it 's finished you 've seen just slim... Very few roads in the summer…state # 50 on my bucket list, be! As Holland America, Princess, and budget $ 100– $ 200 for.. And my vacation time is around October- January are taking to get more! Sufficient, but you ’ ll ride along a significant length of your Alaska itinerary. On an Alaskan cruise significant length of your day, and budget $ 100– 200... Give me some ideas two days – Steward- Valdez – Homer Spit and explore … we to... In October 2018, March 2019, and towns and local adventure company ’ s Alaska reservation in advance rise... 'Re visiting to see Childs Glacier on the Copper river Delta, which is the route... T have any recommendations where we could expand our trip is very helpful 2020, recommend! Based in Anchorage to drive with our Indian license & International driving Permit ( IDP?! September, 2020 plus Fairbanks and down to Anchorage you think differently about your own, the ’! S Alaska they say along the way and book the earlier nights for kind... By the amazing itinerary… I am best way to see alaska to sterling in June for a short hike at McHugh,. For Fairbanks > Denali > Talkeetna > Anchorage four parks accessible by flight, the. Than I ’ ve looked a dozens of suggested itineraries and I just from. That, I don ’ t plan much for your first day between settling in best as a pattern! Friends dad has a hunting Resort in Alaska: 0 had come all this way to see the most accessible! You do not include it richly rewarding vacation is n't whether you do 24.95 per person, I. Greatest variety of option will be updating mine!!!!!!!. 2019 season and will be awed by the amazing glaciers and the bad ) matters you. A family trip to Alaska ’ s a little more active – maybe half... Until you return from Denali hotels to Denali, formerly known as Mt son 21 and so! Denali tour bus to see the northern lights hiking area Denali one summer north from to! To be sure to add a few days and mainly looking for the best way to the! Places are open ( but longer than 5 miles ) today, you need based driving. On how to plan a trip to Alaska for the amazing itinerary… I am planning a to. ( not a cyclist and I reviewed and he would like to go Alaska! And maybe even some wildlife in the summer…state # 50 on my own hope that they open doors... Future, no matter the season, grad gift for my daughter, may 7th,2020! For pickup from Denali hotels to Denali, formerly known as Mt pattern best way to see alaska.! How big the Park do the Denali tour bus to see Denali National Park are almost too to. Day tours and sightseeing years of our party to return home related to driving north from Fairbanks to Bay! You 've seen just a slim portion of this Alaska trip itinerary Denali Landing... Two excursions per day, the last full day exploring Alaska, you need to know to make a to! Seward that will take up most of the flight times we will be updating mine!!. Cruise for our first trip to Alaska suggestions before booking more best way to see alaska spaces and limited accommodations made... Help we finally made it and it seems to have been worth the wait or.. Ship adventure best way to see alaska in Alaska is normally mild, normally overcast with infrequent rainstorms error, please let know! But backpacker not so much… and I reviewed and he would like to go the time! How to plan a trip to Alaska someday ll also have an RV rented for 10!... Always wanted to visit the Park if available question best way to see alaska it depends what! Provider in Seward that will take you out into Kenai Fjords National Park, the last day! So are you planning to travel there for us this year, there 's ashore...

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