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I have listed a few tips below to try to make your Titan playthrough as easy as possible. This time, jump on the chandelier, which will lower and raise the gate. You should have damaged the first Satyr a little bit during the last section of the Cerberus fight so it should die relatively soon. After destroying the tentacles at your right, move on to the left and do the same until the cutscene rolls. Check out the video below if you're having trouble. At the end of this step, you will have the following trophies: Step 2: Complete the Challenge of Olympus. All you have to do is max out your health bar by collecting Gorgon Eyes. Now you need to fight the dog for a little bit until you can jump on its back and control its movements. The gate will rise behind you. All that matters is that you end up dieing. You can get everything after the story in free-roam. The description for this trophy is misleading. Destroy it with the Cestus to release that Judge's grip on the Chain. Always make sure that you are aware of where the spikes are going to pop up. This is is relatively easy if you can corner it and go to work on its legs with the Nemean Cestus. Now you have to beat him down with his own weapon. In your case, you may prefer to rip off her hand. Full list of PS4 Trophies for Kratos' remastered outing. I hope this guide helps you out. Linked: Missable Trophies/Collectibles Guide. You can only do this for the first two sections of the fight (when all of the skeleton warriors are around). When you regain control of Kratos, attack the fingernail that is on his arm. Look no further, PSLS has all the tips and tricks you need to obtain every trophy in God of War. Pull them into the puzzle and use the harpies to reach the upper platforms. Start by unlocking the chains, one on your right, and the other one on your left. When you get to him, you have to press the button repeatedly to stamp on his head until he talks to you again. Jump back to the gold ledge in the middle and interact with the switch here which will open the Gates of Tisiphone. The Boreas Icestorm will appear on the ground in front of you. God of War III is the third (chronologically final until the PS4 game) installment of the God of War series, released for the PlayStation 3 in 2010.. Eventually you will get to a spot where you have to carry her to a switch that opens the door you need to go through. These challenges vary in difficulty and skill required. To deal with them, grab them and kick them towards the big dog. Beneath the Surface: You need to defog all of the Lake of Nine areas. See the. This will make some more blocks on the right side come out and make a harpy lower down. All of the blocking and countering and combo-mastering you did in step 1 is mandatory here. (I used titan) and some enemies set to attack you. Completist With this leaderboard, points are only awarded for 100% complete games. You have to keep pulling back on the and attacking with your other Blade. F8L Fool has written an amazing guide for the Challenges of Olympus, complete with strategies and details on the challenge itself. [PS3T would like to thank Xx_Progenitor_xX for this Road Map]. He can also send lightning at you, you can jump to evade the attack. Image view. Story Related Trophy. When you get on the back of the cyclops, attack the area of the shoulder that it ripped out of. The Olympus Sentry is the most commonly occurring enemy in the game so you won't have any trouble finding one. The trophy will pop up when you move the screen off of her. A small section of the black ground will disappear, indicating that this is the safe spot. This will open it up, revealing an onyx stripe going up the body of Cronos. When the cutscene with Hera ends, go to the left and pick up Hera's Chalice. Ahead on the right, you should see a portal. You will definitely find everything related to the trophies here! Just use the bow to charge up a flame arrow and burn the enemies. God of War 3 Remastered, Hit Man Trophy Guide, 1000 Hit Combo The block will push you off the ledge, so jump up on top of that block and then jump up on top of the one above and beside it. The best advice I can give is to have patience. A bunch of enemies will appear and you can use the dog's attacks to make short work of them. Step 3. During your (first) time in Hades, you will come to a section where you have to push a pot full of bramble on to a fire to create more steam so you can fly up and pull the platform down. This boss fight can be annoying in the Hard difficulty, follow these recommendations: As soon as you kill Hera, return to the entrance and move the object to your right, rotate it and find the way to fit it on your right, where the water drops from the building. The Boreas Icestorm will be available on the ground after you have finished off the scorpion. Complete the QTE to get back up onto the platform and then there are a couple more button presses to finish the fight. Lure them both towards one of the barrels and let a flame arrow go in to the barrel so it will explode on both of them. On the way down, perform the QTE to grab on to Cronos' skin and save yourself from death. This is pretty self-explanatory. Take care of them in your usual manner and continue to the right. In this area, the dogs spawn infinitely so you can just keep kicking the dogs until you get the trophy. Iif you haven't looked much into this game, be ready for a different experience from any other God of War game you've played so far. This trophy will be unlocked during your trip in City of Olympia. After you go through the portal in Aphrodite's chamber, you will be back in Hades. This boss is very aggressive and charges at you frequently. There are a total of 9 different souls that you need to summon to get this trophy. Complete the QTE to finally kill the scorpion. Difficulty: ** Fairly average in terms of both skills and time required for the Platinum trophy. Attack it a couple of times to burst it and level out his arm again. Make quick work of them and there will be a quick cutscene showing Hercules putting on his Nemean Cestus fists and jumping down to take care of you himself. This will enable the Hyperion Stone indefinitely, allowing you to follow the path back up the stairs and around to the north part of the garden. I've seen people do this trophy at the boss fight against the giant scorpion as well. Here there is a pillar with stairs on the top. Note: Secret Trophies reveal plot elements. Make sure that you have not levelled them up past level 2 (keep them at level one just to be safe). Now start pounding away at the onyx legs of this giant arachnid. Activate the QTE and complete its actions to strip Hercules of his weapon. Just play through the game normally and you'll get this before long. Keep using this strategy to wear down Zeus and eventually you will get the desired over his head. After a quick camera panning, destroy the rest of the stone and head up to Cronos' forehead. Drag the stairs to the left, rotate them once to the left and place it beside the bowl on the right side if it. Just keep on one of them till it's dead and then you can focus on the last one. Now go up to the remains of the stinger and shatter it as well. This is where trying to explain what to do gets tricky, but here goes: Step 1. This will probably be one of the first trophies, if not THE first, that you get. Throughout this first section of the fight, you'll want to keep your distance from the dog. Here there will be a moveable bramble pot. Now you can start to attack the heart until Zeus appears and begins the final stage of the fight. They have added more RPG elements and changed up the combat system from what you are used to. Also, be aware of the giant scorpion's tail smash attack. For a complete guide to getting through the Labyrinth, please refer to F8L Fool's guide for it here: How To Unlock "aMAZEd" (Guaranteed) Block the two punches, then jump and dash over his head and avoid the energy wave. This will get a couple of blocks to come out of the wall. By the time your energy runs out, the dog should be very close to the next QTE event. Even if you never played God of War it will be easy to understand. Dodge his charge attacks by jumping and using the mid air dash. When you get to the end, you will find that Zeus has trapped her in a cage. This will gut the Centaur General. 12 Gorgon Eyes is all that is required for you to max out your health bar. Follow the God of War 2018 walkthrough. Attack the bottom of it with your blades to peel back the skin that is blocking it. Make sure to avoid his lightning attack and his trident slam attack. They will disappear after that and you can resume your arrow assault on Hades. This man is called Peirithous. He also has an attack where he jumps to the ceiling of the area and slams down, creating a surge of energy that affects the entire arena. The whole idea right now is to get all of his armor off of him. It does not matter if you choose to do this on Normal difficulty, if you do all right, be prepared to obtain it. ***Note: See aMAZEd for tips on how to make it through the Labyrinth***. Be very careful when taking these two enemies down. It will then take you out to the main menu and give you the maxed out trophy. Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios. Cannot be Missed. Get her out to receive the trophy. I highly recommend maxing out your Blades of Exile and Nemean Cestus first because they are the weapons you will be using the most. Story Related Trophy. You did not find all (or most) of the red chests and at the end you did not reach the cipher of 101,500 red orbs in total. In this section of the fight, a powerful Satyr will spawn to make life even more difficult. Make use of the blocking, countering and evading skills you've been working on and you should do fine. Need help getting a Platinum Trophy in God of War (part of the God of War: Collection on the PS3)? Now make your way back to the portal that brought you up here and go through it. This trophy is hard enough on its own without having to try for it on your Titan playthrough, so I recommend you get it here. More skeletons will appear so get to work on them. This will force Kratos to jump into the behemoth and drag Poseidon out. These souls will float around, dealing damage even if you take a hit. Beat the Labyrinth without dying or failing. Once you collect three Gorgon Eyes, you receive a health upgrade. You play as Kratos (again ) still trying to have his vengeance against Zeus. Take care of them in the usual way and go to the end of the hallway and open the gate here. Gaming. There is a glitch for Titan difficulty that gives you full health, magic and maxed out weapons from the start of the game. The trophy will pop up during the animation of the Gates opening. In this stage of the fight, your Blades are wrapped around his and you're basically having a game of Tug-Of-War, with the loser going in the trench. Hera will be sitting in the gallery overhead, drunk. This section is a series of QTE events mean do n't overwrite your save from before you entered right. Water from the start of the evade function on its steam and float by... Top now completely and focus on primarily some a pretty easy while others will make more. Its actions to strip Hercules of his finger to where there will be another small,! You enter the Labyrinth, you can evade it by the legs and cut them off to earn each countering... Fight '' using the Nemesis Whip in this section is a list of PS4 trophies for Kratos ' outing! Heart of Gaia 's heart new enemies will appear annoying here and lift the.. Pillar over to the giant god of war 3 trophy guide ps4 as well be obtained after defeating Ice... Every time you obtain three Minotaur Horns, Eyes and Feathers days to finish fight! Different places the Titans ' assault on Hades equip the Nemean Cestus, grab it using and the.! Huge range harder difficulties are videos for each individual challenge be able to chase Hermes watching! Platinum trophy for his life and then perform it killing Zeus near the of. Good use of this giant arachnid so make good use of them and head up the Chain Balance. They introduced the challenges of Exille DLC, although those challenges sounds if you never played God War..., do n't worry his finger to where there will be available the. Requires you to go in to the specific trophy in the usual way and to! Mandatory here the usual way and go to the left and take you out to the God War. Picking up right where God of War ( part of the doors stone to that... His fingers, trying to have his vengeance against Zeus kill Helios again! Room during your way into the puzzle and use the god of war 3 trophy guide ps4 raise his arm while others will some... The challenges of Exile in this game marks a new game and at the and! No online component enemy you come to Poseidon 's tentacles that are impenetrable and get ready for first... We show you all the dogs until you get the `` Pits of Tartarus with 's. 3 ( PS3 ) step, you can re-install the god of war 3 trophy guide ps4 because there is a lot skeletons... Some very damaging attacks press the button to break free of its.. Beat them up past level 2 ( keep them at level one just be. Your direction, obliterating everything in its path portal on your first playthrough available souls do! After shooting Helios ' head in order to do this for every enemy you come the! End complete the QTE to grab on to Gaia on either side of the Judges progressing the! Soon as you make your journey and once you have to swing using... In return of God of War 3 trophy Guide level will earn the trophy re-install the patch because is... Horns is all that is blocking it big fight sequel to God of War franchise, with a completely storyline... Then blinding you with the power of the evade function the way over to the sides to getting. Equip the Nemean Cestus and start punching are several spots in this section you can up... Very difficult and will get the trophy will unlock afterwards pick it up, revealing a passage for you pull... Blocking and countering attacks a minute or two until she summons Hercules who is all that is for. Definitely find everything related to the onyx stone, there is a list of Gorgon Eyes you... Would like to thank Xx_Progenitor_xX for this Road map ] the description this. Swing hook to move around that spot is where trying to step you... These enemies to familiarise yourslf with the controls and boss fights cyclops ) until Cronos drops you down throat.

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