November 2019 Update

In everything give thanks. Unity Baptist and ABAmedia are thankful for you that prayerfully and faithfully support us.

As Baptist, especially Missionary Baptist, we should understand the meaning and importance of the Great Commission. We are to “go” that we might “teach” or preach to all nations, then “baptizing” believers and then teach them “to observe all things.” What is the best method for fulfilling the Great Commission? There is a tendency on the part of Christians not to understand all components of the Great Commission. It is not to say that every Christian must accomplish this task of the Great Commission in his own personal ministry. However, it is certainly the will of God for each Christian to support, actively and prayerfully, that group of Christians wholly dedicated to this task.

It takes dedication, planning and sacrifice to fulfill this Commission. Thankfully, we don’t have to do it alone. Thanks to our associated work we use literature, mission funds and even technology to to bring this work to the world. While not all can go, we can do our part in teaching the observation of all things. Strong churches make for strong mission work. The ministry of ABAmedia is to support and serve those going, churches sending and supporting missions. It is our belief that with the proper use of media, churches are better able to SEE, HEAR and CONNECT with the world around them. From filming and making available videos for missionaries, churches and ministries we are doing our part to help each church fulfill the Great Commission. We are able to do this thanks to churches and individuals that pray and support this ministry.

In October and November, ABAmedia attended the Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana State meetings. We were able to film short promo videos for many missionaries and ministries. These can be found on our YouTube page. We also did videoed another week of classes for Missionary Training Ministry in Mountain View, AR. We were able to help promote the Thanksgiving Mission Offering by the Secretary Treasure of Missions office. They also are using our deputation tips video series. We also published lessons on Abstinence, Abortion procedures and how a church can help families that are fostering or adopting. Each week, on our Facebook page, we highlight a different seminary in our work and publish articles that we think can help your church.

Thank you for your continued support. We are available to assist your church anyway we can. Merry Christmas and Happy New year from ABAmedia!

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